Born: 1965 in Northampton. Lives and works in London       

Goldsmiths College, London. MA Fine Art, 1998-99
Central St. Martins College of Art & Design, London. BA Fine Art, 1994-97
Selected Exhibitions:
No Fun II; group show, Sean Cummins, Jo Mitchell, Mark Person, Attic Gallery @ 1 Thoresby St., Nottingham. November
No Fun
; group show, Sean Cummins, Jo Mitchell, Mark Person, Enclave Project Space, Deptford, London. March/ April

To Start With, Let's Remove The Colour; group show curated by Paul McAree with Marc Bijl, Simon Bedwell, Sonia Shiel, Ryan McClelland & Mark Pearson, Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin. Dec '12/ Feb '13
Melancholy Is Not Enough; group show curated by Niels Van Tomme, Unicredit Pavilion, Bucharest, Romania. Dec '11/ Feb '12
Chain Letter, LA; (invited by Sarah Danays), group show curated by Christian Cummings & Doug Harvey, Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Santa Monica, CA. July/August.
Supernormal Festival, as part of the alumni exhibition, Braziers Park, Oxfordshire. 21 - 22 August, 2010
shop shop; group show curated by Martin Rasmussen including  Marcia  Farquhar, Alex Hidalgo, Monika Oechsler, Michael Petry & others, 97-99 Clerkenwell Rd, London. March/April 2010
Beatbullying's Anti-Bullying Exhibition; curated & organised by Janette Parris, Exposure Gallery, London. September
B Noticed; inaugural exhibition at The Broadcaster curated by The Postmethodists in Wellingore & Waddington, rural Lincolnshire. Launched 11th & 12th July
The Eagle Document: The New Collection of Enumerated Things; group show curated by Monika Oechsler, Stephen Lawrence Gallery, University of Greenwich, London. June/August 2009

Exploring Photography & Video Art: group video show as part of oneminutetrain, Rietveld Arsenale, Venice Arsenale Novissimo, Venice. June/July 2009
The Sneeze 80x80……a Featured Film; group video show curated by Peter Lloyd Lewis and Natasha Makowski, at:
Substation, Wits School of Arts, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa. 1/4/08-4/4/08
Albany History Museum, Somerset Street, Grahamstown, South Africa. 12/3/08-22/3/08
in the exhibition Patient Rooms, Reed Gallery, Cincinnati, USA. 17/3/08-11/4/08
Well-known Treasures;
group video screening curated by Edgar Orlaineta including Pia Lindman & Steve Reinke, Sara Meltzer Gallery, New York. 8th & 9th February
Last of the Urgents; group show with Nikolas Arvanitis, Simon Bedwell, Ryan McClelland, Colony Gallery, Birmingham. Nov/Dec 2007
The Sneeze 80x80……a Featured Film; group video show curated by Peter Lloyd Lewis and Natasha Makowski, Durban Art Gallery, Durban, S.A. Nov 07-Jan 08
4'33"; group show as part of Kunstverein Bregenz summer festival curated by Pete Lewis & Wolfgang Fetz including Celine Condorelli, Martin Creed & His Band, Szuper Gallery & others, Magazin 4. Bregenz, Austria. July (cat.)
The Sneeze 80x80……a Featured Film; group video show curated by Peter Lloyd Lewis and Natasha Makowski, Iziko South African National Gallery [SANG]. June/Oct
The Juddykes, group show curated by Howard Dyke & Ben Judd including Shez Dawood, Kaye Donachie, Anne Hardy & others, The Old Art Shop at John Jones, London. June (cat.)
Concerto for Voice & Machinery II, performance at ICA, London, 20th February 2007 (solo)
Peace Camp, hosted by Bob & Roberta Smith with The Brick Lane Gallery, London. Dec
Metropolis Rise, survey of London based artists curated by temporarycontemporary, Moganshan Art Village, Shanghai. April and DIAF 06, 798 Space Beijing. May (cat.)
Everything Must Go, VTO Gallery closing show, London. March/April
Strange Attractors, Jo Mitchell, Jan Rohlf & Michael Schultze, General Public Project Space, Berlin. Nov/Dec 05
ART SHEFFIELD 05: Spectator T; curated by Gavin wade including Gelatin, Christian Jankowski, Joanne Tatham & Tom O'Sullivan and others, various venues, Sheffield. Oct/Nov
Pencil, drawing show curated by Jamie Robinson including Marcus Harvey, David Rayson, Bob & Roberta Smith and others, Carter Presents, London. Oct/Nov 05
Post Notes; curated by Adam Carr including Dave Beech, Liam Gillick, Jonathan Monk, Lawrence Weiner and others, ICA, London. March & Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis, USA. April
Consignia; group show curated by Sas Mackie, British Council & Elliot McDonald including Andrew Cross, Matthew Houlding, Donald Urquart and others, Hiscox Gallery, London. Feb/April
Chaim Soutine; tattoo project curated by Another Roadside Attraction, with Wim Delvoye, Svetlana Hager, Mark Titchner and others, Happy Sailor Tattoo Parlour, London. Dec 04/Jan05
Contrapop; group show curated by Suhail Malik with Caroline Achaintre, Matt Franks, Ian Monroe, Seb Patane, Daniel Pflumm and Toby Ziegler, Vamiali's Gallery, Athens. Nov04 Jan05 (cat.)
Willkommen; group show curated by Luke Oxley with Bob and Roberta Smith, Gavin Turk
and others, Metropole Art Galleries, Folkestone. Sept/Oct
East International 2004, selected by Neo Rauch & Gerd Harry Lybke including Frank Ahlgrimm, Daniela Brahm, Sean Dawson and others, Norwich Art Gallery, Norwich School of Art & Design. July/Aug (cat.)
The Sneeze……a Featured Film; group video show curated by Peter Lloyd Lewis and Natasha Makowski including Fabienne Audeoud, Ellen Cantor, Barry McGee, Ernesto Neto, Abigail Reynolds, John Russell and others, Gazon Rouge Gallery, Athens, Greece. June/July (cat.)
Fly Utopia; installation for Club Transmediale, festival for electronic music and related visual arts curated by Jan Rohlf, Oliver Baurhenn and others - artists including Angela Bulloch, Gerwald Rockenschaub, Costa Vece and others, Maria Am Ostbahnhof, Berlin. Jan
Wheeling; curated by Marcus Sendlinger including Liz Craft, Sean Dawson, Martin Eder, Grayson Perry and others, Cell Project Space, London. Dec 03-Jan 04
Hands to Work, Minds to God; group show with Haluk Akakce, Polly Apfelbaum, Joan Backes, David Burrows, Madeleine Hatz, Oliver Herring and Jo Mitchell, curated by Elga Wimmer. Borusan Art Foundation, Istanbul, Turkey. Nov/Jan (cat.)
Group Show; curated by Nth Art collective, Ols & Co,  London. October/Nov
Post It; group show curated by Adam Carr, Floating Ip Gallery, Manchester. October
Entranced; curated by Eva Karapanou, VTO Gallery, London. July
Bologna Art Fair, with Galerie Wieland, Bologna, Italy. Feb 03
Wheeling: Motorcycles in Art; Post Space II, Los Angeles, California. Jan/Feb
Magik; group show curated by Jari Lager including Rick Buckley, Rory Macbeth, Jim Morrisroe, Simon Patterson and others, VTO Gallery, London. Nov/Dec.
Spring; Luke Caulfield Kirsten Glass & Jo Mitchell, curated by Aldo Rinadli at Laurent Delaye Gallery, London. Nov/Dec.
Wheeling! Krad Kult Tour - Motorcycles in Art; Natalie De Ligt, Frankfurt a.m. Nov/Dec.
Presentation with fa Projects, Fiac Art Fair, Paris. Oct 2002 (solo)
Cruiser, Galerie Wieland, Berlin, Germany. Sept/Oct. 2002 (solo)
Artforum: Berlin Art Fair, with Galerie Wieland, Berlin. Sept 02
Double Suicide, project space, fa Projects Gallery, London. March/April. 2002 (solo)
Sitting Tenants; curated by Anna Vickery including Richard Hughes, Jeroen Offerman, Bob & Roberta Smith and others, Lotta Hammer, London. Jan/Feb.
What If I Told the Truth; presented by Wooden Heart, Cell Space, London. Nov/Dec.
Group show presented by Wooden Heart for Deptford X, London. Sept.
Trick-Peaser; curated by Luke Oxley for Mandarina Duck including Reza Aramesh, Amanda Beech, Craig Fisher and others, Flagship Store, London. Aug/Sept.
Forever Yours; presented by Wooden Heart including Henry Coleman, Goshka Macuga, Monika Oechsler and others, London. June/July.
Arco Art Fair, with Galerie Arte et Personae, Madrid. Spring 01
Desert Rose; curated by Reza Arameshi including Ben Judd, Dawn Mellor, Neil Zakiewicz and others, London. Feb/March.
All of my Heart; curated by Stephen Hepworth, Gallery Hotel Art for Isabella Brancolini, Florence, Italy. Feb/Mar.
Insider Trading; curated by Lisa Prior. Mandeville Hotel, London. Jan.
Hard Candy-Berlin; group show curated by Fiona Drummond with Steven Gontarski, Martin Maloney, Eva Rothschild and others, Galerie Wieland, Berlin, Germany. Sept/Oct.
The Wreck of Hope; group show with Torie Begg, Sean Dawson, David Thorpe and others, The Nunnery, London. March/April.
Hard Candy; Westbourne Gardens, London. Feb.
Natural Dependency; curated by Stephen Hepworth with Anya Gallacio, Jim Hodges, Virgil Marti, Simon Periton and others , Jerwood Gallery, London. Nov/Dec


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The Annotated Spectacle;
book produced by CS Leigh including interviews & portfolios by Forsyth & Pollard, Jonanthan Meese & others. Published by SYNTAX. March 2009
How Soon is Now; publication produced by the ICA, London celebrating 60 years of activity. 2007
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Braziers International Workshop, Oxfordshire. August 05   

Film Screenings & other Projects:

Sound of Memory Symposium, University of Kent. 6 June
Agency for Unrealised Projects - AUP
(eflux) & at Kopfbau Basel, Messeplatz (15-18th)
. June
Concerto for Voice & Machinery II;
film-screening as part of Live Weekend 1 event, curated by David Gryn & Artprojx, ICA, London. 6-9th May

The Eagle Document; Silent Prayer (2007) in film-screening as part of the performance symposium organised by Monika Oechsler, Stephen Lawrence Gallery, London. 21st November 2009
Beatbullying's Anti-Bullying Fundraiser Auction; curated & organised by Janette Parris, Drapers Hall, London. 15th September 2009
S.C.U.M. Manifesto, Subjectivity & Feminism;
research group performativity dinner curated by Monika Oechsler & Maria Walsh, Chelsea College of Art, London. 20th Feb 2009
Ellipses (Electric Birdhouse); videographer for Discoteca Flaming Star performance in Rita McBride's Arena as part of the World as a Stage exhibition, Tate Modern. UBS long weekend, 27th Oct 2007
; internet project curated by Tina Spear, London. Launched July 2007
Slash Seconds: Multitude
; online magazine edited by Pete Lewis & Derek Horton, Issue 5. Launched May 2007
Concerto Panel Discussion
; with Chris Bohn, Vivienne Gaskin, Suhail Malik & Michael Morris, ICA. 16thMarch 2007
Concerto Radio Show
; with Sean Dawson & Rob Flint, Resonance FM. 13th February 2007.

Awards & Commissions:   
Awarded a commendation from West Dean for open call Tapestry Commission proposal, 2016
Re-enactment Commission; Live & Media Arts Programme, ICA, London. April 06
Commission for ART SHEEFIELD 05: Spectator T; Sylvester Works, Sheffield. Oct/Nov 2005
Individual Visual Artists Award, Arts Council, London. June 2004
Warden's Purchase Prize, Goldsmiths MA Show 1999.

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